Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So, my dear husband called;
 said he's stopping at Sonic,
did I want anything?
 In a frantic rush in the driveway trying to corral the child along with his bag, my purse, etc. I hastily said, "Yea, just get me whatever."
Little did I know...
Stop laughing...

He came home and got me chicken tenders... with chicken fried steak sauce of some sort. I ALWAYS get the Crossanwich at Sonic or the grilled toaster sandwich... ALWAYS. And... he got me a COKE. A COKE!!! Everyone knows that at Sonic you must always get the Strawberry LimeAde!!!
Wow. I guess men's brains really are different and you must explain things with detail and send them detailed instructions with pictures and hope that they don't mess it up... again.

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