Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jewelry - Where it all ends up...

So this is a cute little jewelry organizer I got from a dear friend that hangs in my closet:

But.. this is not enough for all my necklaces... so I got these cool push pins with hooks and hung them up in the closet:

A couple pictures hang up from my favorite style bloggers for quick inspiration when I can't figure out what to wear...

So I get my outfits together and then come home, but... all my jewelry ends up on the vanity counter..

Yep.. that would be a canister set that USUALLY goes in the kitchen.. however, it provided more use in my bathroom for all my ... stuff: eyeshadows, liners, brushes, etc..
I got those cool hands from a jewelry store. I asked if they could order some of the display hands for me and they did! The only charged me what they paid (wholesale) for them.. LOVE THEM!!!
More pictures of where my jewelry ends up:
I've learned to just accept my laziness and see it as a gift of ... art...

Where do you keep your jewelry??



  1. Great project! I found you through the linking party at The Frugal Girls! :)
    I'd like to invite you to join my T.G.I.F. Linky Party to share your fabulous projects. I'm looking to grow my weekly party with fabulous projects just like this one. Here is the direct link and I hope you can visit sometime.
    T.G.I.F. Linky Party every Thursday evening - Tuesday

  2. Those hands are really cool!!! I love the jewelry organizer, I've seen some in Stein Mart and I may end up getting one someday.

    I have a jewelry cabinet, a very small one that doesn't hold much, so I bought some of the tiny 3M hooks and stuck them to the side of my dresser, and that's where I hang all of my necklaces, since that's what I usually wear for jewelry.

  3. Hey Melissa: That jewelry organizer is pretty awesome. I love that I can see EVERY piece.
    My friend is a Mary Kay person and she gave it to me from her MK inventory for helping her with a charity project. It's been a godsend!!!

  4. Nice! I keep my jewelry on a few different hanging contraptions as well as a jewelry cabinet. My latest jewelry contraption is a vintage bird cage to hang everything on :)