Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heaven is for Real

The best parts of Heaven is For Real:

"We were completely unprepared for something more serious. The doctor led us in the hallway, where there was already an X-Ray clipped to an illuminator.When I saw what was in the picture, my heart dropped to my stomach."

"By the second afternoon, I saw something that terrified me: the shadow of death.
    I recognized it instantly. As a pastor, you sometimes find yourself on a deathwatch... there are telltale signs: the skin loses its pinkness and fades to a jaundiced yellow. Breathing is labored. The eyes are open but the person is not present. And most telling of all, a sinking and darkening around the eyes. "

"The doctors would bring back test results, test results, test results. But no answers, only useless observations. "

"I realized I was starting to accept that, yes, maybe Colton really had been to heaven."

" 'Did you have wings?' I asked
   Yea, but mine weren't very big."

" 'Well, the reason I was yelling was that because Jesus came to get me. He said I had to go back because he was answering your prayer. That's how come I was yelling for you,' "

"And Jesus answered my prayer? Personally? After I yelled at God, chastising him, questioning his wisdom and his faithfulness?
  Why would God even answer a prayer like that? And how did I deserve his mercy?"

"Colton squinted, peering up at colors pouring across the sky. 'Cool,' he said with a nonchalant smile. 'I prayed for that yesterday.'

"... we had a lot to learn from our son."

" 'You mean I have to fight monsters with a sword?'
   'Yeah, Dad, but it's okay,' he said reassuringly. 'Jesus wins. He throws Satan into hell. I saw it.' "

" 'Dad, that one's right.' "

"Before, I'd heard, but now I know that someday I'm going to see."

Personal Anecdotes:
This was a sweet quick read. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this for readings sake. I was encouraged. I smiled. I laughed. I cried. It was a thought provoking piece or "peace". I have to ask myself myself yet again, "Why do I have such little faith?"
Heaven is for real. God is real. We are loved tremendously as God's children. The evidence is all around us. It's up to me to tear away the veil of my silly human brain that cannot comprehend.

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