Sunday, July 10, 2011

Played in the rain

I cannot stand Sundays. It means the end of the weekend. Ironing needs to be done, bags need to be stuffed and it the next marks the beginning of a grueling work week. I don't know if I'm dissatisfied with my job or if I just don't like having to wake up at a certain time, be somewhere and be a corporate slave.
I long for the days when I can wake up when I'm done sleeping.
Where I can plan my day on a whim. Take a walk if I desire. Eat when I'm hungry. Be caught up. Each week I'm drowning and I feel like it gets worse and worse. Like I'm spinning in whirlpool. Out of control.

But today... we got up, skipped church, I had to do some retail therapy shopping, when I came home we jumped in the pool and it started raining.. rather than rush inside we decided to just play in the rain. Nothing's gonna stop us from havin' fun..
In which we scoop up baby and run inside and hide.

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