Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Book Review: Maestra by L.S. Hilton

Favorite Quotes:

"I cried for a long time, cried properly with my throat full of tears and snot, until I heard a strange noise. It seemed to come from outside, a keening, a baby, maybe, or mating cats. Then I realized it was me, howling. I cried out all the tears I hadn't allowed to fall since that day in London..."

"It was relief. Just for once, at last, someone else was in charge."

"Rage had always been my friend, and I neglected it. Rage had kept my back straight; rage had seen me through the fights and the slights. Rage had propelled ma from my no-mark comprehensive to university; it had been my strength and my solace."

"I wasn't sure yet how to play this. I didn't wanted to be relegated to the Estonian slut category, but then I obviously was the kind of girl who hopped a boat with a virtual stranger at a moment's notice."

This was actually a very engaging read. It had some great hilarious one liners and kept me interested. Some parts I found confusing. A good beach read. Maybe a good book to take with you on a flight.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


ONE DAY by David Nicholls

My favorite quotes from this book: 

"They had met again in London in April, at their mutual friend Callum's twenty-third birthday party, spending the whole of the next day in Kensington Gardens together, drinking wine from the bottle and talking. Clearly she had been forgiven, but they had also settled into the maddening familiarity of friendship;"

"The attraction of a life devoted to sensation, pleasure and self would probably wear thin one day, but there was still plenty of time for that yet."

"... while all the time Dexter regarded her a look of affectionate disappointment, as if she were a puppy who had soiled a rug."

"Emma stopped writing, then looked away and stared at the ceiling, as if giving someone a chance to hide. She looked back at the page in the hop of being surprised by the brilliance of what was there."

"Dexter was sitting on the bed, his shirt unbuttoned. "Em? Are you crying?"
 "No. But it's still early."

"Shouldn't she have an opinion, take a side, boycott something? At least with apartheid you knew where you stood. Now there's a war in Europe and she has personally done absolutely nothing to stop it. Too busy shopping for furniture."

"... I think she enjoys bossing me around a little too much, but she's very attentive. Eat this, take these, sleep now. Strict but fair, that's your sister. It's revenge for not buying her that pony."

One Day left me an emotional wreck. I haven't been this brokenhearted since Atonement! I was just blindsided by the whole thing. I loved it. Piecing together the story as we get one glimpse into July 15 each year was so much fun; like going through an old scrapbook found in the attic under the floorboards.