Saturday, July 9, 2011

ALONE .. what to do?? what to do??

So Seve is out with the boys tonight. Drewlbug is sleepy-poo. I am all by myself with my thoughts.
Lots to clean and organize and unfinished projects to complete...

But, I'd rather read my favorite blogs.. listen to music, find stuff to eat, drink wine & just think about doing something productive..
Oh the hangover is going kick my butt on that one..

Hey, check out this book review from Mighty Girl. Maggie never fails to inspire me to catch up on my reading list. She also makes me ADD more books to the already overwhelmingly LONG list.

"Annie Dillard has said that day by day you have to give the work before you all the best stuff you have, not saving up for later projects."

This is my new mantra, mission statement, theme - whatever the word is nowadays.


  1. Maybe you could work on that wedding album? ..Just a thought:) Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my thirty second cappuccino...You have a great looking blog and I'll stop by more often.

  2. I often find that when I have time to just sit...that's exactly what I want to do. Projects can wait, dishes can wait, so can vacuuming for that matter...but relaxation? That doesn't happen often enough!