Saturday, July 9, 2011

Praying Power

5  years ago I read a book called What Makes a Man Feel Loved.
I never finished it. I have lots of books like that. I read them halfway through and they get lost under the bed.

The author talked about how his wife prayed everyday. Prayed for him everyday. She was really organized about it too. She had a list and a BINDER! Each day was allocated to a certain subject matter except Sunday which was a day of rest and for church. WOW! I never thought of putting a binder together!! And categorizing prayer lists? Awesome!! Totally right up my alley. I found a basket, a binder and created my tables I and was ready to go!

Later , a year and a half later, that binder turned into a pocket planner with just lists on each day. Then it just disappeared as I set up Outlook with reminders everyday of specific prayers for my husband. Every day at 9:30am I’d get a pop up screen with different scriptures and prayer for my husband. I said the prayer quickly and moved on.

This morning I realized what a transformation my husband had made. What a different man he is. How blessed I am to have him in my life. One major factor is that he quit drinking.. completely. Five years ago I would have laughed at anyone who would predict this phenomenon. It’s actually a miracle. We got into the worst fights in the beginning of our marriage because of his drinking habits. He became a different person and I hated it.

Now, I’m starting to get to know the real man. I so love what I see. He takes care of the laundry, the bills, pitches in around the housework as needed, I never have to ask. I can’t believe how lucky I am. There are many things I that I never have to worry about in my marriage. We have our days when we’re snippy and don’t like each other much but this power of constant prayer has changed us both 180.

We have some major issues that need to be worked out… by a professional. We will get through it. These issues are mostly from my insecurities. They stem from when I was victimized as a child.  God has a way of making all things new.

Prayer changes everything. Even if it takes you years to realize it.


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