Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I met my sister for the first time about 4 years ago

I met my sister for the first time about 4 years ago.
She had never known about me. That her daddy was married before that he had another daughter.
She cried. She thought I would take her dolls away.

I stepped into my father's new home. I felt replaced. As if I was a defective product and returned.

I slowly opened my heart and found forgiveness in the midst of playing with Barbies and dancing in the living room with a small me. She was a treasure. So innocent so sweet. So much like me. How could this be? We had the same eyes, the same heart. She is a second chance. She is the shining light that leads us all. This small miracle that reads to her dolls on the majesty of outer space.

After two days, I feel I've overstayed. I am an intruder.

My stepmom remembers my birthday. My father doesn't. Too many more other important things in his brain to think on.

They bring me a cake, my sister laughs her beautiful glorious laugh of excitement. I blow out the candles and blow out the flame of bitterness. There is nothing here for me except good tidings and cheer. I accept. I accept the love.

My husband and I are on the plane going home. As we descend we are thrilled to see our friends come pick us up at the airport. We laugh on the way to their house.

It's on their front porch I see it. A rainbow. God's promise. God's glorious love. I feel it. All that is and all that was is right. I am exactly where I need to be. All is right with the world. I feel God's pleasure in the current state of affairs. So blessed we are. So loved.

I get the pictures back from our trip. I smile as I see a little me in her eyes. I am in love with this sweet beautiful girl I get to call my sister.

I am so glad to have known this love. How sweet to have a sister. That someone knows me so well without ever having known me at all..

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