Friday, August 26, 2011


Linking up with Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday!!
Today's prompt: OLDER.

I've been avoiding this one for a couple hours now.

Here goes nothing..

It's my birthday in a couple days. Another year gone by so fast. Another wrinkle I notice, another gray hair. My body slows down. It doesn't react like it used to. I have to really work exceptionally hard to lose some weight. There's been a shift in the stars. The earth seems to be going a different direction. The world getting wilder and scarier. I almost deleted that last sentence but I just remembered this is a practice of stream of consciousness. Each year we get older, wiser even. Each year we realize how little we really do know. Each year seems to be going warp speed ahead. I sometimes drown and forget to stop and realize - this is it. This is the good life. This is the life I've always wanted. The one I've always dreamed of. Funny thing about getting what you want and being content. You realize that all the money and riches in the world will never really give you what you long for intrinsically: the sense of wholeness. The feeling of belonging. The more you buy the more you realize that things actually hold you by the throat. You realize that all your desires are really slowly you down. The real freedom lies in giving it all up. Hence what Jesus said to the rich man about getting into heaven. The only way is to give it all up because it's creates a valley between you and the Lord. The only bridge is Jesus. Give up all those puppet strings and be free to be who you really are..

I'm three minutes past my time, but I couldn't leave that paragraph abruptly like that.


  1. Giving it all up--this is my favorite line. And Jesus should be the bridge--I couldn't agree more. Growing old in wisdom is where we become more of value as long as we are alive. Your post is so beautiful! And your honesty really touched my heart. Take care and God bless! :-)


  2. I love this. So raw and honest and true. Thank you! It really shines with beauty. I especially love what you said about giving up those puppet strings and being free to be who you are. Now that's real living:).

  3. Thanks everyone!!! U have no idea how much I needed to hear (see) that encouragement!