Thursday, August 4, 2011

Decorate your Trash Can!!!

Thank you Beth for this inspiration!!

So my garbage cans tend to get caught up in the wind and disappear in a neighbor's yard.. about 4 houses away!! Sometimes the lid is missing for a week and it magically turns up on my lawn.

I happened to find Beth's post one day and was inspired to paint the trash can. How cute is this!!!

I decided to make sure if they ever get lost again, the neighbors would know which house it belongs to.

I had acrylic paint on hand that I had bought at a garage sale a long time ago. She was a former teacher and she had gobs and gobs of great artsy stuff!!

I decided to go with white like Beth did.

I made my own stencils of my house numbers and the birds. Just printed it HUGE on 8X11 paper (one stencil for each). Cut them out.

Then I used masking tape to place the "stencils" and LIGHTLY dabbed the paint using a paper towel. LIGHTLY.

Let dry and VOILA!

Each trash day I'm delighted when I come to see my empty trash bins waiting to be carted back in the garage...


  1. Hopping over from The Frugal Girls linky party…..
    Love this project! Wonderful tutorial!!
    I invite you to link up this FABULOUS project at my linky party this week and join us every Thursday evening (through Tue.) to share your wonderful projects. :)
    Craft Junkie Too

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