Thursday, August 18, 2011

My old patio table - A modge podge makeover.

Thank for you this inspiration Karen!

I dare not gross you out by showing you what this patio table looked like before.
Just know... it was ICKY!

This project took longer than I anticipated.
I originally had only the top of the table done and just spray painted the legs.
That didn't look good. Seve-O suggested I just do the legs and everything. Interesting.

It was HARD to do the legs.I finally figured out to just take whole pages, and wrap it all around. Use small pieces to cover up the exposed areas.

It's amazing what a little modge podge and an old dictionary will do. I feel kinda bad for the dictionary. That I'm treating it as a relic, an antique in this google age. This dictionary has a couple really cool things in it though. It has illustrations, pictures and even talks about each letter and shows you what it looks like in other languages.  I may have start reading the dictionary soon.

Idea that sprouted from this project: I think I want to find another old table and modge podge it in NY TIMES crosswords, finish it with a clear coat that you can write on and do the crosswords with grease pencil. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Or I could find all those old tickets that I keep and modge podge them a frame or board or something.

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