Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to clean your makeup brushes

If you have been breaking out all of a sudden, it's probably cause your makeup brushes need cleaning.
Here's an easy way to disinfect and get all the gunk off your brushes.

Get some rubbing alcohol:

Fill a bowl or cup with the alcohol and place all brushes in it and let it soak for a good 10-20 minutes.

Then use a paper towel or washcloth and dab the brush in a criss cross motion until there's no more residue.. or if you have diapers that your child has grown out of, use that.
Other uses for diapers:
- Use them to clean up spills.
-If you're moving, you can wrap up your valuables in them
-Chair gliders

Anyways, criss cross until the brushes run clear.

Then repeat process just to make sure..

Let the brushes air dry and you're all set! Good as new.

Also, go ahead and change out your makeup sponge. It's too much work trying to clean those.. Just trust me on that...


  1. Thanks for posting! I've been looking for a way to clean my makeup brushes for a while now. I'm definitely going to be trying this.

  2. About to do this!(:

  3. Does this dry the brushes out?

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