Monday, September 5, 2011

Movie Review: Legion

Seve suggested we watch Legion last night. I was apprehensive. I remember when the previews came out and although they looked exciting and thrilling, I just didn't want to invoke the evil in my mind. I've become careful of what I watch and what I allow into my mind. No horror flicks, no paranormal madness, nothing having to do with the occult.

Seve was soo excited, I decided to sacrifice my internal warring and pray for protection.

So it started off with the following actors:

Paul Bettany: He plays Michael the Angel in Heaven who defies an order given by God and slices his wings off. (Remember him in A Knight's Tale?) LOVE HIM!!

Crazy smoking pregnant girl
I don't even remember this character's name she aggravated me so much...

Lucas Black: He plays a character called Jeep. Hopelessly in love with the crazy smoking pregnant girl who's carrying a child that is not his own. He plays a very simple man but character develops well throughout the movie... The core of the script is about him and his fight to do the right thing.

And Dennis Quaid: Can't remember his character's name..
Oh and let's not forget the amazing Charles Dutton..

The first time God lost faith in mankind, he brought the flood. This time he's bringing a a wild crazy legion of possessed demonic people to eradicate the whole species. The only that can save mankind is the child of the crazy smoking pregnant girl. The angel Michael defies orders and goes rogue to help mankind.


I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't at all evil.. It makes you think about Heaven and what the angels really think of our pitiful race. Some probably love us and some just can't stand us and don't understand why God created us...

Michael explains to Jeep why he has so much faith and it's an amazing scene that must be rewound over and over and over again.

So the action and the fighting is pretty visually awesome. Well done. Bravo.

The script itself is quite good; Some of those scenes I've lived in my own life and re-lived it again thanks to this movie.

Definitely a movie that needs to be in my own library. Reminscent of Stigmata.

The story has some parallels with the story of Joseph and Mary. He loved her even though she carried a child that was not his own and that child ended up being saviour of the world.

I think maybe, just maybe the world constantly is going through a redemption by birth almost every hour. Each person that gives birth to a child is a new hope and new beginning and new hope in mankind. Just when the war is about to rage, another child is born to redeem us and set us free. I've always been pro-choice; I am re-thinking this stance. Perhaps the enemy gets a better stronghold with each unborn child. I know it's just a movie. I know it's just a story... but... the gift of story and metaphor comes from who else but the Lord? He gives us all kinds of messages. It's up to us to tear through the layers and learn. The Bible is not the only source to understand life.

The crimes against children in this century alone has been heinous and vile. How dare I change the channel and turn away. How dare I go about my life and remain apathetic. What kind of person am I? Am I the one the angels will fight for? Or am I one of many amongst humankind to make them turn away and wonder why God loves us so much?

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