Saturday, September 24, 2011


Linking up with Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday.

Growing. I am obsessed with it. Moving forward and tackling the next hurdle. Just can't stay still. Can't stay in one place. Can't watch movies just cause they're on. There must be a point, a moral and message that helps me propel forward. Each day each moment, my beat changes. I can't draw the same line in the same way twice. Each moment is a different rhythm. I used to try and retrace my steps in the snow when I was little. Tried so hard. But the moment passed. I made the same steps but either my feet were bigger or my shoes were different - I couldn't keep the same motion.
I enjoy learning. I cannot stand to be stagnant. Sometimes though, I'm bombarded with information overload and chaos and I shut down. I get tired and must rest.
This is one of those times.

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  1. I could just feel your energy, your excitement for growing!!! No wonder you need to rest! Thanks for stirring me up to tackle the next challenge, to jump the next hurdle, TO GROW!