Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Man in the Blue Moon

Man in the Blue Moon by Michael Morris

Many thanks to Tyndale Publishing for providing a complimentary copy of Man in the Blue Moon. This is one of those books I would have never picked up at the book store.
I'm so glad to be a part of this program which exposes me to different pieces.
This is a jewel of  a book and I'm so glad I read it! I've found a new favorite author.

My favorite parts from this book:

"Kicking the guilt until it balled at his feet, he fought the demons that had driven him to extremes."

"Evil was pumping through his body, he was sure of it. It was the fury of his bloodline that scared him. A tortured beast he could no longer harness."

"A chill snaked down Ella's system and settled so deep that not even the spring sun could thaw it."

"She pictured the fear that had become a constant tormentor as a black mushroom clamped to the side of her brain, a deformity of sorts that she had begun to accept as her lot in life."

"Starting tomorrow, he would display the photograph and explain to the unrefined that the smear of the man walking in the corner of the image was representational of a celestial being standing watch over the brokenhearted woman..."

" 'Is my friend in some sort of danger?'
      The sheriff touched the end of the pencil to his long tongue and steadied his hand on the paper. 'Depends on how fast you can spell.' "

Personal reflections:

This book was like a movie unfolding in my mind. The imagery was vivid and crisp without being too wordy. The main character Ella is the heroine that anyone can relate to. I felt her fears, her pain, her joy and anguish. Life just threw every obstacle in her course. It was awful. She's an orphan raised by her late aunt, has children and a husband who ran off chasing his unfortunate addiction. She develops into a massively strong character. An inspiration really.

The small town mosaic was very typical. Comical- but not really since it's so true.

The story was riveting. There was shock and awe at every chapter. Just when I felt we were coming to the end and everything is going to be okay, BOOM! The story gives me total knock out and I need a day or two to recover.

Something which strikes me as curious, bear with me on this one:
Before finishing Man in the Blue Moon, I read Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, roll your eyes and get it over with.

One of my favorite quotes from Fifty Shades of Grey was:

“I gasp, and I'm Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he's the serpent, and I cannot resist.”   

Then in Man in the Blue Moon, I come across this where Brother Mabry is addressing a massive crowd:

"Don't be like Eve. Don't be taken in by the serpent who deceives. Hear me now: gaurd your hearts and minds. The devil strikes the hardest where the Lord is working. And make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, He is working here. The footprints of God are on your very soil."

This is one of the those moments that I KNOW are not a concidence. God speaks to me in various ways throughout my day. Usually he speaks to me through song, a dear friend whose advice I trust most or through his Word. These days he speaks to me through stories. I think he's ALWAYS been speaking to me through stories, this is one of the few times I couldn't ignore.

So what is he telling me in this message? Am I Eve being tempted by something I cannot resist? Is it a warning of things to come? Or.. Am I the serpent? Have my selfishness and pride gotten the better of me?

This will be a book I can come back to always find something new and telling. The only other book I that gives me that experience is To Kill a Mockingbird.

Yes, it was that impressive.

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