Monday, August 27, 2012


I finally found it.
I was on vacation, at the beach.
We stopped by a quaint gift shop.
I always end up in the back with the dusty musty bookshelves.
And there they were.....
A complete volume of Herodotus.
This collection was beautiful... no magnificient. The books were weathered, old, the covers completely fallen apart. This was what I've been looking for.
Such a precious treasure. There was history in these pages. There was a soul that lived inside it.
It had stories to tell me.
We would spend the years together ships passing in the night for decades.
Then when the house has quieted, and I've retired, they'll be waiting for me.
We'll spend long nights by the fireplace.
It will be splendid!

I brought volume one up to the counter to ask for the price.

I died.

I dare not publish how much she asked for it.
It was way too expensive.

Alas. Another day.. another time.. another life..
.. till we meet again.....

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