Friday, June 22, 2012


It's time for 5 Minute Friday!

Today's prompt: RISK

Five Minute Friday

So I was getting my Pinterest fix this morning when this one caught my eye.

It’s so true. There is so much that I tend to hide, so much of my life has been an act. It’s frankly exhausting.

I find solace and truth either when I’m alone and I can be my silly goofy self or when I’m amongst my closest dearest friends whom I love dearly and never feel the need to impress. I think about how many other missed opportunities there were in the past when I committed the act of trying to be normal and ordinary- to be accepted; only to be disengaged, sad, left out of the invite list.

I want to be more myself everywhere. I’m so tired of this act, this face I put on for the world. THE WORLD? I was made for better things.

It’s time that I risk being the person I was made to be: goofy and all. And for those that think of me as weird and kind of a nut: whatever.

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