Friday, June 29, 2012


Five Minute Friday

It’s the moment I catch your eye across the room
The look
The smile
The quick glance away.
We do a dance toward each other
In a smoke filled room
Amongst drones of people
Looking to connect.
Slowly working the crowd,
Finding our way to each other
Awkward moment. Tense smiles
Eyes everywhere but here.
Is this it?
Is this the moment that I will tell my grandchildren about?
The one that I will remember fondly 50 years from now?
Or is it a fleeting romance?
One that will break my heart
Turn me inside out
Desperate to stay here in this empty room
By myself.


  1. powerful, poetic prose. you made me FEEL something as I read this, and that is what I want when I read anything.

    1. Oh! That comment blessed my heart sooo much!!!
      That's exactly what I want when I write ANYTHING down. Thanks for stopping by!!!