Monday, April 9, 2012

Reflections on Easter 2012

I was so pleased to spend Easter with my own church this year. We’re usually traveling a couple states away and spending time with family. Those times are glorious and great, but I’ve been longing to have traditions with my own church just us three. I long to be the matriarch and cultivate my own traditions. Our church was having Easter service at a large venue. I was a little more than irate but I decided to let it go and support their vision. I’m so glad I did.

We got there fairly early and had some time for my little boy to play on every single stair, try to pet the horses, and chat with the greeters. We put him in the childcare facility and I was really glad to see LOTS of adults in the room managing the children. I always feel sad for that one person that has to take care of 12 small children for 2 hours.

We picked a prime spot in the auditorium and relaxed for a bit.


The music started. It was Handel’s The Messiah. I shot up and was thrilled to hear this gorgeous piece of music. The acoustics made it sound… magical. The last time I heard this piece live was at a Christmas concert at another church and was overcome with so much emotion at all the things that transpired since then. The Lord has seen me through all of it: the anxiety, the depression, the mourning, the celebrations, the joys, the daily angst of life. In this sweet moment, I got a glimpse of what heaven must be like and I just cannot wait to be with the Lord. For this short time though, I am charged with being a light unto this world. Most days I don’t do a good job. Some days I don’t even try. I could possibly be the worst Christian ever. But alas, it’s a new day, He is risen. I take a minute, bow my head and say a prayer of utmost gratitude and feel His presence surround me. Through all my mistakes and woe, He still loves me. ME?! And the music ends… and we applaud and prepare our hearts for worship and celebrate this day.

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