Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When he drinks

I hate it when he drinks
I can always tell:
The shuffle swayed
The voice slurs
The nonsensical words

When he drinks
Something deep inside erupts:

He reminds me of her:
Her vanity controlling her
Her disregard for everything
Her walking into walls

It's like she never really died
She lives here all around me
I can never be free of her.

Again, I have to fend for myself
Again, enormous burdens await me
Again, I need to make excuses
Again, I need to do battle, myself.

Face untold enemies
Exhibit strength I do not have
Grow up too quickly

I never thought I'd be here again.
I never thought I'd feel so alone.



  2. When he drinks
    I hate it when he drinks
    I can always tell:

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