Saturday, January 14, 2012

It was last Friday when I got the call

It was last Friday when I got the call.
It was my husband.
His father stopped breathing.
We all held our breaths
for word from the hospital.
Would they be able to revive him?
The moment came
We realized he already stepped into eternity
Head buried in my co-worker's shoulder
"Get it all out," I tell myself
I need to be strong for Seve..
I need to be solid and not fall apart.
The next hours are a haze
Running into the store to get some travel supplies
Throw things into suitcases
Hop in the car
Pick up baby boy
He doesn't understand
He's upset
It's no use
Meet up with family at a McDonalds
Drive the rest of the way following them.
We arrive at the doorstep
He's no longer here.
Amid mass phone calls, visits, appointments, shuffling through files,
The children walk into his room and ..
The words don't come.
We just stand there
hang our heads
eyes well up
Days seem like weeks
Then the day comes.
His body in the casket and all of a sudden..
It's real
He's really gone
Rest in peace I pray.
And he looks so peaceful, face flushed and sleeping;
He's not there
We tell the children
He's in heaven
One of the twins remarks his hair looks funny
It's so short
We laugh
Be at peace.
He left a legacy of two amazing Godly men.
I have the privilege of being married to the youngest one
He's no longer part of our past
He's part of our future
We are sad
It hurts
But soon .. soon we will see him.
Until then..

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