Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All for the phone.

It started off a glorious morning when Husband said he would take baby to daycare. I take my time instead of doing the mad dash routine out the door.
This is a dangerous thing to be out of your routine.
I pull out of the driveway and didn’t notice my husband running out the door waving my phone at me… in his underwear. A couple blocks away I realize that I do not have the beloved device that tells me where to go and what to do. I turn around in a cul de sac and as I pull up into my driveway, I notice Husband’s truck is not there. The door is unlocked. Panic sets in. Did his car get stolen? I frantically call for Husband.  Look everywhere and he’s no where to be found? Did he get kidnapped? Heart palpitations. Baby crying in his crib. I run to make sure he’s safe. I do another walk around and realize my phone is not on the counter where I left it. Husband went out to find me and give me my phone. I go outside, baby on my hip and there he is pulling up.. walking out the car waving my phone.. in his underwear. Can’t help but laugh. Relief. Thank you Lord for a husband who will go to extreme lengths to keep me safe.

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