Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Deceived by L.A. Starkey

I bought several copies of this book back in October for friends. I had Steve-O wrap one of them up for me and put it under the Christmas tree.

I was thrilled on Christmas morning to show off that was signed by the author.

One of my favorite rituals after Christmas morning is curling up with a book by the fireplace in my PJs and a soft blanket.

This is a debut novel of the Soul Keeper series, book one of three.

We are introduced to Samantha, no... SAM, & Julie, BFFs for life. Both grew up in the foster care system and are now with good loving families. Through it all, they are the best of friends sharing every piece of their lives with each other. Super sweet.

Then there's the normal characters from high school: Brent, Julie's brother, who's immediately lovable from a distance. Ken, the star basketball player, who asks Sam out and is the typical poor little rich kid who may or may not have the best intentions.

Sam is haunted by strange vivid dreams and time lapses which she cannot explain.

In walks the characters Marcus & Nick: brothers? cousins? twins? the same man?
Both have their uncles as guardians in this world. They belong to the immortal world and are awaiting a prophecy to unfold. At the center of the prophecy is Sam, the dream catcher. They are the ones who appear in her dreams and take her on adventures and try to win her heart. Winning her heart will be the end game.

As the story unfolds we are taken to Olympus and see our old friends from Greek mythology: Zeus, Prometheus, Pandora, and meet some new friends. Greek mythology has been a huge obsession of mine since I was 13! I was enthralled to see these characters in a new way.

They all have a stake in how Sam chooses in the end.

This book ends with a cliffhanger! BOO!!!

Can't wait to read the 2nd book.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

"His life was unending, but his dream catcher's life would restart over and over as he waited for her each time, looking and searching. Never the same life, never the same situation, but always the same Samantha."

"He smelled delectable, like testosterone coated candy."

" 'Good, I like to be spanked..' "

" 'If something like puffy sugar balls and chocolate is going to dent my image as a man, then I need to start working on my tolerance now.' "

"With her destruction, the new Sam smiled an evil smile, 'For each his revenge would he forfeit his soul.' "

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