Sunday, September 1, 2013

One day..

One day..
One day I'll wake up and make breakfast and it'll be a peaceful, beautiful escape.
Classical music playing in the background. I'll be overlooking my English garden
I'll read my books of poetry by the moonlight
I'll finally smile.

Today, there's whining toddlers whose sticky hands drive me to run away in the middle of the night
Today, there's a man I call who is not there. He disappears to feed his addictions lamenting on how unfair this world is to him.
I read the school newsletter and try to find something with the letter B.
It takes every bit of my brain

One day my home will be immaculate, pristine, beautiful.
One day I can wake up and have the TV all to myself.
I can work out, dance, laugh, and read ALONE in my living room.

Today, the carpets are nasty with stains that only boys can make
Today, I live in a clutter of matchbox cars, legos and half eaten pop tarts.
Today the TV is monopolized by football of Disney movies for 16 hours.
Today I just can never be alone

One day, there won't be the pitter patter of little feet
The dog will be somber and stay in the sun all day
One day all this will be quiet.
The dishwasher won't run every day
This man will bring me toast and tea and we'll sit on the swing
In front of the house and watch life go by

One day we will miss all these days in the trenches
One day we'll wish we enjoyed these moments
We'll tell the young parents, "it goes by fast.."
They'll roll their eyes like we did.

One day we'll wish for these days again.

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  1. Well done. Really authentic feelings. As a mom who lived through those days... My kids are in their late 20's and early 30's.... And I'm expecting my first grandchild. I well remember those thoughts and feelings...the more things change, the more they stay the same. All of life is such a blessing...