Friday, July 19, 2013


It was 3AM the other night. Drewbie-doo was screaming like crazy. Daddy tried to comfort him but he needed mommy. He wanted it to be "morning". He was inconsolable for awhile.

Then we brought him into bed with us. Finally after much shuffling and contorting ourselves into crazy positions, he fell asleep.

I got a glimpse of his profile in the dark.... and I remembered why I never slept those first weeks of him being born. I was back there 3 years ago, fascinated with his beautiful face, his presence. I couldn't stop staring at him. I couldn't believe he was real. So real. I couldn't fathom.. this...this.. this... came from me?

He's in the living room now, having a "picnic" of cheese-itz and peanut butter crackers, watching Toy Story... again.
I am so blessed to be a mother, to create life, to relive my childhood in glorious ways through his eyes.

So glad I got startled awake that night. It helps me be so thankful for the sleep I get to have 98% of the time and I got to remember and smile at those first few months.

I belong here. Right here. Right now. Everything is as it should be.


  1. I was just remembering the first weeks too, when I could do nothing but just stare at her in amazement of her very existence. Your guy is gorgeous!