Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It's been crazy here.
Stress makes my hair fall out by the handfuls
The words send chills down my spine: restructuring, reorganizing, rebranding.
Work. Corporate America.
The things I thought would make me happy and a success have disappointed... again.

I thought I was valued, important.
What I do... doesn't matter

I am a dispensable asset.
People who I thought were my friends, were enemies all along
I was just being used.

Didn't think I'd be here again.
Didn't think I would have given a part of my heart to this job.
But I did.

Now I'm hurt and pained at their betrayal.

"Don't take it personal," they say, but I do. It IS personal.

It DOES matter.

Once again, I question my goals, my career, and realize this isn't where I want to be. This isn't what I want to do.

There are new opportunities on the horizon.
There are probably things out there that will make me so much happier, more fulfilled.

Here in the trenches, it's hard to see the light.

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