Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013 -- "I Happy!"

It was a lovely day. A Sunday morning. We put everything together for Easter.

Set up the camera and tripod.

Little boy blue was thrilled. We blew bubbles, he squealed with delight.

We laughed in the light of the morning sun…In the day of our risen Savior.


I got some cute PJs to lounge around in the house. Black ones with polka dots!! I love them forever.

I got my man some Aqua Di Gio cologne. A scent that brings me back to 10 years ago.. the years of adventures, road trips, the beach, the silent conversations, the passion of life.


We went to church, a little 3 month old baby with fat cheeks studied me until he discovered my newly sparkly painted red nails that were his obsession throughout the service. Prayed for that family and all the people that worked this event to make it amazing.


Then it was nap time for the boys and time for me to make the pie. The amazing banana caramel pie that makes me shout Halleluiah!!


Little boy blue played in his crib and would have none of this naptime business. We wait for the rain to slow down, load up the car and head over the Grandma’s.


The children play and chase each other.


We sit down together for dinner.

We pray.

Little boy blue has us pray two more times while he leads in his Drewberish. We understand a little as he thanks the Lord for Mimi, Mummy and Daddy. He proclaims AMEN with the fervor of an old school baptist minister. We laugh. He looks around and says, “I HAPPY!”


We laugh again. We nod. Yes, we’re happy too.  

So happy.

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