Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Many thanks to Tyndale Publishers for providing me a complimentary copy of Oliver Twist on CD.

It took me awhile to pop it into my CD player in the car for unknown reasons. Once I did, I was riveted. It was so good!! Usually the "books on tape" I get are of a college professor lecturer's voice droning on and on and putting me to sleep. Not this dramatization! It was like a movie developing in my mind. There were different voices each playing a different character. The dialect and accents were spot on and the music sequences were really good at getting you to feel each scene.

I had heard about Oliver Twist and people's love for Charles Dickens but had never actually picked up the book. I don't know why! This work made me really appreciate the brilliance of his work as a writer and how it propelled storytelling to the next level.

Poor Oliver Twist, an orphan, stuck in terrible situations with awful people. He just can't catch a break. It's horrifying really. Then one day he makes a break for it. You think it's going to be great, but alas, more troubles, more woes beseeches this young fellow until by chance he meets a man who shows him mercy.. kindness. A series of unfortunate events still won't let go of him and you wonder if this will out okay. Poor kid.

This story gave me a glimpse of England way back when and really helped to understand the attitudes and discretion my own family used. The country I was born in was a British colony. Some of the  language and customs were adopted throughout the generations and culminated into present day. I can see where their cynical nature came from. I can see why overall they mostly believe in man's heart of darkness. I think they lived Oliver Twist's life and passed down the attitudes to our generation.

I really enjoyed my long drives. If you've ever driven in Houston, you know that is a laughable statement. Believe me, it was worth all the drudgery of traffic, all the bumper to bumper rush hour mess just to sit and listen and let this story come to life.

I got a feel for what it was like back in the day with no televisions and people listening to the radio to the "soap operas." So exciting to catch a glimpse of the past.

Will definitely be keeping my eye out for more Focus on the Family radio theater productions.

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  1. Ok, all your reviews are so timely for me right now. I have JUST started reading some Dickens (what I had to read in Highschool doesn't count...) and am really enjoying it! I hadn't heard of the FotF productions, but I'll keep my eye out now. Thanks!